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At Edukot everyone is free to share any type of skills they have and learn from others skills. You will find thousand of e-books, questions & answers and study related documents shared by people to help each others.

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At Edukot you will find people of every age group having different skill sets, those who are interested to share their skills with you. You will find whatever you need to learn and you can also share whatever you know to help others.

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At Edukot you will find thousands of e-books and study related documents shared by other people for free downloads from almost every educational fields.You can also upload study related documents to help others.

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At Edukot you will find the best answer to any question. you can also ask questions regarding you educational problems directly to thousands of people and can get best answers.

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Learning is Sharing, the more you give the more you get. At Edukot we inspire people of every age group to share their skills learn. Lets make an education sharing culture....

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