About EdUKoT

EDUKOT : learn and share , is an education based Social Network where everyone can get free study materials and proper guidance regarding their educational matter. At Edukot we inspire people of every age group to share their skills so that everyone can take advantage of it and also to Learn from every other people skills. Here , You should asked for the Major Skills that you have achieved yet and intrested to share with others, On the Basis of which the Knowledge Seekers near you or from anywhere could directly approach you by the help of message,email etc. We are Growing to establish a knowledge sharing culture by providing a interactive and innovative way of Learning where everyone of any age group can free to share any type of skills whether it is technical skill or soft skill. People can share their knowledge by uploading Study materials regarding their educational domains, Providing answers to the questions that belongs to their domains or they can directly get connected to every other people by our social Network platform. Students and Knowledge seekers can ask Questions and can search, view and freely download study documents uploaded by other people.

Our Team

Web Developer
Pradeep Patel
Software Developer
Madhukesh Kumar
Business Analyst
Khushboo Pandey
SEO Manager

Gaurav Kumar
Marketing Manager
Neha Pandey
Web Designer
Manish Kumar
Founder & Developer
Kamal Kumar
Product Manager

Our Mission

Learning is Sharing, the more you give the more you get. At Edukot we inspire people of every age group to share their knowledge and skills. Lets make an education sharing culture....

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