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Type of SEO

Answered by pradeep patel 

SEO – Search engine optimization is a process of improving search result of web pages in search engine so that we can get more organic traffic on web page that we want to promote.

Type of SEO:

Basically SEO is divided in two type :

1. Black Hat SEO

2. White Hat SEO

1. Black Hat SEO– The strategy of SEO that refers promoting a website in aggressive way for getting instant result where all focus is on website rather than users is called Black Hat SEO. In other word SEO process that doesn’t follow the guidelines of search engines are called Black Hat SEO. Black hat seo gives instant result means the website will come in top search result very quickly but problem is that, after some time search engine will panelize your website and your website will lost ranking in SERP and also it may possible that website never will get result in search engine.

2. White Hat SEO – Process of seo that follow guidelines and rules of search engines are called white hat seo. White hat seo might be slow process but it gradually increase the result and hives result for long time. In white hat seo all content and activity obey the guidelines of search engines and the techniques are must be relevant. 3. Gray Hat SEO – Sometimes as per business purpose promoters follow both type of SEO process. This type of SEO is known as Gray Hat SEO.

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