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  Manish Kumar

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I believe that, the main objective of life is to give others whatever u get in your life that always exists before you die. So I am always acheiving my objectives more and more by sharing my skills and learning more new thing so that i can help others. currently i am very active in developing softwares that can help people and specially the poor people in medical and educational domains. I beleive that Learning is Sharing and, Sharing is the main purpose of life, becoz after every single thing you share you feel that your entire body and soul is excited with hapiness, and that is the real thing you need. As a Student at UPTU, I always focused on practical knowledge of every topics rather than studying it for examination. I didnt ever memorize anything in my computer science career, I just follow the rule of computer technology, that beside learning all the contents of a particular topic I prefer to understand the basic of the topic and just add a link in my mind so that whenever i need the content in use i just recall the link. I guides and teaches many student and always tried to share whatever i learn in my life, in my education. I believe that learning is sharing. Now I am utilizing my skills by creating software that can help others in medical as well as educational domains.

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