Build Responsive Real-World Website with Html, CSS and Javascript

Tutor : Manish Kumar

Language : English, Hindi

Duration : 1 Month

Level : Beginner

Free classes for first 10 days

Classes Starting from : Apr 1, 2023


Course Details

This course is designed to make you prepare to apply for Junior web UI developer jobs or Work as a freelance Web Developer. After this course you will be able to develop User Interface for any type of website. You will be learning Web development skills including HTML, CSS and JavaScript from basic to advance level.

Important Note : 

  1. Online Classes will be held 2 days in a week (Sat, Sun) for 2 hours each day from 2:00PM - 5:00PM and task will be assigned to practice for other week days. All the study materials, practice attachments and Recorded class will be shared each day after online class.
  2. Online Classes links and all the important notifications will be shared in edukot portal. You can easily access all the information when you login to edukot portal. 
  3. First 10 days will be free for this course. You will get a Payment link to pay for the course fee after 10 days from the class start date. You can continue to the class after paying course fees.
  4. You must have a Laptop or PC and basic computer operating skills.
  5. If you have any question please write us to email : or call us at +918057023825.

About Tutor:

Manish works as a Senior Software Developer having 10+ years of experience in developing Web applications, Mobile Applications, Business Application etc. He had worked with both product and service based organizations and developed complex application for multiple domains. In all these years he had gained experience and expertise in developing large and complex application in much efficient way and have trained multiple students and co-workers to develop such complex project on their own. 

Below are the list of course content :

Week 1: HTML and CSS Fundamentals

•              Introduction to HTML and CSS

•              Basic HTML tags and syntax

•              Basic CSS styling

•              Layout and positioning

Week 2: Intermediate HTML and CSS

•              Advanced CSS styling (including box model, floats, and flexbox)

•              Responsive design with media queries

•              Accessibility best practices

•              Introduction to web development frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation

Week 3:  JavaScript Fundamentals

•              Introduction to JavaScript

•              Data types, variables, and functions

•              Control flow and loops

•              Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)

•              Basic event handling

Week 4:  Intermediate JavaScript and Deployment

•              Object-Oriented Programming concepts

•              Advanced DOM manipulation

•              Introduction to AJAX and APIs

•              Introduction to version control with Git

•              Deployment to a hosting platform like GitHub Pages or Netlify etc.


You will be working on mini projects that will reinforce what you learned in each week. Also this course can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the students and the instructor. Also, keep in mind that this course plan assumes a basic understanding of computer programming concepts and does not cover more advanced topics like databases or server-side programming.



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