Whatsapp new privacy policy update

CAIT has requested government "Government should immediately restrict WhatsApp from implementing the new policy or put a ban on WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook", the traders' body stated.

The confederation of All Traders CAIT claimed that through this new PRIVACY POLICY all types of personal information like personal data , bank online transaction, personal contact , location of person, and other crucial information of a person who is using WhatsApp will be procured by and can used further by Whatsapp 

CAIT said facebook has million of users and 
this features can access data of every user which can be cause serious problem on economy as well as security of country as it will develop online fraud

Nevertheless WhatsApp person response to an email and said further increase in transparency we have modernized privacy policy to make sure that this advanced feature will receive secure hosting from our Parent company Facebook to  assure communication of users

He further said this Update will not change data sharing practice with Facebook and will not make any difference on how and what people communicate with their friends and family.

WhatsApp will carry on extremely commitment to protect people privacy.We are communicating directly to user and giving time to. update this feature till next month after knowing all the policy deeply.

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad urging the Govt to restrict WhatsApp from implementing its new privacy policy, or 'impose a ban on the messaging app.'Traders body urges Govt to restrict WhatsApp from implementing its new privacy policy
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